Our mission is to empower frontline care providers to reach their full potential both professionally and personally.
Our Story
Florence Health is dedicated to helping frontline healthcare professionals live their best life from navigating the changing world of health to helping you balance the responsibilities of work and home.

We understand the roadblocks that can make this seem impossible—frontline healthcare professionals are often under-supported or undervalued commensurate to their contributions, often overworked and underpaid, and face increasingly difficult working conditions. We are here to connect like-minded professionals with each other and with expert resources and content to provide the support and care every frontline healthcare professional deserves.

Our team recognizes the need for a better support system for nurses and advanced practice providers. This is why we created Florence Health, an online resources and social networking platform (Huddle) geared towards empowering nurses to share insights and experiences, connect, learn, collaborate, and support one another. What’s more: we want to help you take better care of each other and yourself.
Our Beliefs
We believe that nurses and physician assistants should have opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other.

We believe that healthcare providers should be able to build an online community where they can exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and care for one another in private, without the world reading.

We believe that information can help change and inspire action and hope.

We believe that frontline care providers should lead fulfilling, healthy, and well-balanced lives that allow them to do and feel their best.
Our Guiding Principles

Reaching your career aspirations, improving your workplace, making the healthcare field better, these are just a few of the things that Florence Health advocates and works toward.

Together we can accomplish more than we can alone. By collaborating, communicating, and caring with each other, we can ensure that the nursing profession rewards all mentally, physically, and professionally.

Delivering the highest quality advice, research and tools that can inform you on ways to improve your life in your field, in your career, and at your workplace and your home.

We believe that a happy, productive, and successful career mirrors a happy, productive, and successful home life.